Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shark Cage Diving South Africa - KZN Natal South Coast

Its been a great winter so far with lovely warm weather and the Humpback Whales are all over the place busy with their Migration to Angola and Moz with their young or having them on the way because our waters are warmer coming from the Antarctica, as for the sardines they have not been seen on our coastline yet water is far to warm, Off East London off the Eastern Cape a few shoals have been seen, in the Transkie guys are lucky to have red eye sardines and anchovy in the water so people have some action on the dives in the Transkie, very strange is that we are not seeing any Gannets birds around as they also feed on the wards and even the dolphins are hiding, lets hope that the currents change and we get cold water, will keep you guys posted and I dying to eat some fresh sardines as they are the healthiest fish to eat, loads of sharks on the dives with yellow fin King Fish and Rain bow runners  fish,

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