Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Its been a great weeks diving with flat seas feels like i'm on a dam, loving it, just had the Indaba show for tourism and been very good taken some of the media out for adventure magazines, going to be on Sky news and local Etv for 5 days very honoured, keeping an eye our for the whales, and waiting on news of the sardines,

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Diving has been great this month with a little winter chill in mornings 19 degrees from wind from mountain but gets nice and warm from nine, but the water is still between 20 and 22 degrees its always summer here in Natal, Getting ready for the Humpback migration cant wait and it is also that time of the year when stories are rife about where the sardines are and I really hope we get them this year will be good for tourism and for the fisherman who make a living out of them, we will also have hundreds of clients going to the Transkie for the Sardine run where the sea comes to life from Hundreds of  Sharks, Whales, Birds and dolphins the odd Orca all trying to get a piece of the small fish, I also love eating them and for the first week put alot down my stomach as they are very healthy and contain oils good for ones body, will keep you in the loop as I here or see things,