Tuesday, 30 July 2013

World Transplant Games 2013 South Africa Durban - Shark Cage Diving Durban

Its been a great week or two with guys and girls from the world transplant games diving with us and really having a good time, and just nice to see how many people have been given  another chance at life from someone who donated their organs when they died, one person can save up to 7 people if you donate your organs at death, I've signed on and think it is a really good cause and it can be done online, the diving has been great and it is almost certain now that we wont see sardines this year again, whales are still here and should stay until November, had some Manta Rays and turtles close to the boat and some nice big pods of Dolphins and lovely clean sea

Monday, 22 July 2013

Manchester City FC, Operations Staff and Airline Crew Shark Cage Diving

Its been a great week with loads of sharks and Super clean sea, lots of Whales still about and Dolphins, everyone had a great dive and experience, and some guys first visit to our country and love it very proud to be a SOUTH AFRICAN

Friday, 5 July 2013

Shark Cage Diving

You will notice sharks board checking shark nets in the back ground and the crew on the beach, the launch every morning Sun Rise Mon - Friday to check the nets, if there is anything caught and alive it gets released but if dead gets sent to sharks board in Umhlanga for dissection and scientific research,

Sardine Netting South Africa Rocky Bay

Been a great week with loads of Whales and Sharks board checking nets in back ground, looks like we are not going to see the sardines this year again been three years now that we have not had a good run, lets hope that they are all out at sea and man has not caught them all and we have it one day again, some photo's of the past, go to you tube and watch the video http://youtu.be/7K7MnpMQnIU or Sardine Netting Rocky Bay South Africa share this with your mates,

Shark Cage Diving Video