Friday, 3 July 2015

Whale Shark On Cage Dive in Durban - June 2015

What an treat as we have not seen them here in our waters for over 4 years an especially not in the Winter and on a Cage dive another 1 in a Billion,  we would have at least 7 a day swimming close to our shores eating Plankton in the summer, They are also on the endangered list now very sad, another WoW so great for this to happen thanks Neptune

Great White Shark off Durban While Cage Diving - July 2015

Great White Shark Off Durban today Big Female so nice to see in our waters as this normally only happens in the Cape a 1 in a million chanceDived with so many times before in Cape Town but my fist in Duban a very special moment, Wow

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shark Cage Diving Durban

Its been a great year so far with loads of sharks on the dive, Book a dive now and come and experience the Sharks in their natural environment,