Friday, 16 May 2014

Shark Cage Diving Durban

Hi Guys been quite a while things have been fine with some crazy weather but we have been diving and like always been great, it is almost the start of the Sardine run and hope we have one this year its been three years now that we have not seen them but it is nature and the sea is not a zoo will keep you updated, it is the start of the Humpback Whale migration and they have been spotted in the Transkie already should be here by the end of May, it ids also the migration of the Raggie shark Spotted Tiger they are also migrating from the Easter Cape coming to us here to mate, the females arrive first and then the males and then of to Mozambique to have their  young, will keep you posted on all of this, Winter is great here with warm seas coldest it normally gets is about 19 degrees and average about 21, hope to see you all soon for a dive,